Various work done with infographs
This is just a sampler of infographs I have done. See captions for more details.
A brief overview of how invasive species got to the Great Lakes and a break down of what, when, and how.
An infograph on how the invasive species get into the Great Lakes and why this process is done. I was the only one who really gave an explanation as to both how AND why.
A brief timeline as to what types of invasive species were found and when as well as laws that helped (or hindered) the stopping and destroying of invasive species.
An infograph on cargo/shipping variants; time, amount, limits, etc.
This infograph is meant for potential clients/store owners who have cash registers with POP merchandise, called "Front End Marketing." This gives the potential client raw data as to what real customers ask for and what their habits are. Once final copy is aproved and submitted then titles and headers can be changed.
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