Branding for the Milwaukee Barons that incudes multiple mayouts and formats for various uses. The Shield if used for all branding incuding apparel, signage, websites, etc. The logo type with image is for official board of directors material. The logo type alone is for letterheads, presentations and other material that requires branding to be limited in height.
Posters designed for the innaugural meeting and subsequent  tailgate party and march. The design was to hark back to the era when English soccer teams were just starting  to get organized, around the 1860s-1910s. Posters were used for social media ad as bills; printed on water soluble paper with biodegradible ink, adhered to buildings and temporary construction walls. Once it rained the bills would disintegrate and fall away.
Stickers intended to be guerilla marketing. By placing vinyl stickers on various mediums across the city, including the sticker owner's car, the message will get out to others who may not heard of the Milwaukee Barons. One variation was only issued to new members along with a  membership card. Others would be varied slightly for each event so that executive members can see where members and event goers were placing the stickers.
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