Designed for a small mother/daughter team that designed/made  high end tights, leggings, and other accessory clothing for women. The packaging was meant to be light, easy to handle or display, easy to be seen and felt by the consumer without opening the packaging.
Replacement part packaging for a coffee filter process that allowed multiple uses for a press, cup, or other containers. Instructions needed to be easy to ready and the package needed to show the filter holes for consumer viewing.

Homemade, healthy, 100% natural dog treats. Packaging was a standard box with this band around the box. Easy to remove was key, but also easy to identify, White boxes were used so that this band would stand out on a shelf. Smaller boxes would have a similar look, but adhesive. Other flavors and other treats for other pets got similar tints but different colors. Sold in high end pet specialty shops.

Combination of letterpress and digital printing. Mass production of adhesive labels were digitally printed only.
Neck label for olive oil  that would be sold in wine bottle shaped glassware. The neck band had all the information while the vertical attached label would hold the closure in place.
Jar label with attached label for the lid top. This helped give the food a high end feel with the safety of knowing that the jar was not opened, nor tampered with.

Greek distribution company's Argan Oil. Meant to attract high end female customers with the blue/black, pink and white. Package (not to scale) was designed to have extra room with support for the bottle so that inserts or promotional material could be placed inside.

Bottle and label design for a Swedish liquor distributor. The idea was to attract classier outdoorsmen (fox hunts, fly fishing, quail/pheasant hunts) and to have the bottle slim enough for them to take into the field. Dimensions for various bag pockets, pouches, etc. were taken in consideration.
Wine label for a Swedish liquor distributor. The actual translation meant "Hole in the Wall" which resulted in a brick wall design with a hole, sporting the type of wine. Vinyl label, resistant to moisture was used to enhance the contents.
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