This app, in conjunction with the CITYguide app allows travelers and visitors to have easy access to what they need quickly and efficiently. Some of the categories from the long list include; suit tailors, music venues, restaurants, hotels, transportation hubs, pharmacies, theatres, hotels, hostels, etc. 
The app also allows the user to plan their trip ahead of landing to maximize their experience in the city, including updates to events, and pop-up events. It searches Facebook for key words, Twitter for hashtags and Instagram for geo-locations and hashtags.
Additional features include syncing with the CITYguide app to find other visitors with similar interests, and Facebook/Twitter/Social Media friends can be notified when you are nearby. You can also follow and friend others who are signed in to plan trips together, have them join in your's or just to see if you'll be crossing paths for a quick coffee.
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